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Terrible Mall Commercial

Endure this terrible mall commercial and I’m sure at the end you’ll be thinking “No, just no”. It’s so bad it’s good because you’re watching it now and you’d probably never have seen or heard of the mall if they had made it decent so, success I guess. Damn you clever ad men.

How the Sun Sees Your Skin

How the sun sees your skin should convince you that sunscreen is a big friend. In this short video people were shown their skin with an ultra violet light shining on it to reveal the blemishes just under the skin caused by UV. Then came the experiment part.

Hard-Hitting Obesity Commercial

The Rewind the Future obesity commercial is an attempt to combat obesity, stop kids growing into tomorrows obese patients with health issues. It pulls no punches in who it points a finger of blame to for today’s obesity problems but if it’s going to hit home it needs to be hard-hitting.

Ronaldo Commercial for Facial Exercise

Here’s Cristiano Ronaldo in a Japanese commercial for some sort of facial exercise apparatus. It allegedly gives you a wider grin but it’s not as if Ronaldo is known for his tiny wee smile is it? Anyway, as he says ‘in my everyday training sessions, there is one area of my body that I hadn’t been exercising, my facial muscles.’. What a slacker. I doubt he’ll be pulling this out of his kit bag when he’s at the next Real Madrid training session.

Interesting, he is the only person in the advert not to put the thing in his mouth.