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Lottery Fix Error Live on Air

A Serbian lottery draw has become the subject of a criminal investigation after a winning number appeared on screen before it had been drawn.

Viewers were left confused and suspicious after the fourth number in the draw, 27, was displayed on the screen as a 21. Moments later, the ball number 21 was drawn.

The director of the State Lottery of Serbia said it was a coincidental technical mistake and there was “not a single mechanism that could be used to influence the result”, b92 News reported.

“Instead of typing in the number 27, he entered 21. At that point, I guess after realising what he did, the man entered the number 27. In other words, the number of the ball that had been drawn.

“Now – it was a coincidence, I say, under some laws of probability, there was the possibility that the ball 21 would be drawn, and it was. If you ask me, there’s nothing strange there as far as I’m concerned.”