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Truck Driver Drags People from Burning Car

When truck driver David Fredericksen’s saw a horrific car crash and burst into flames he barely hesitated in seeing what he could do, even though the situation looked very bleak. Other people, seeing the call to action, alighted their vehicles and rushed to lend a hand. They found a grandmother and her 1 year old grand daughter trapped inside the burning car. They managed to free both of them and get them to safety before the car finally exploded. There were no fatalities. Definitely Hero of the Day.

You may also notice that 14 seconds after the crash the van who was directly behind the crash decided he couldn’t hang around to see if he could help save a life or assist traffic police in their subsequent investigation and just pulled up around the burning car and buggered off. Classy.


Worse Rally Corner Ever?

This has to be the worse rally corner. Can anyone actually take the corner successfully and why, knowing it’s a bad corner, don’t the drivers think to take their foot off the accelerator just a tad, lose a second but gain the time you spend getting out the ditch.

This has the added bonus of having a great voice addition from 1:15 onwards.