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Dog Desperate to get on Kitchen Side

This dog is desperate to get on the kitchen side. He absolutely knows he shouldn’t as he darts looks to the doorway to check the coast is clear, then gets a few more frantic jump attempts in. He’s persistent and is determined to get to the bread.

Mutant Spider Dog Prank

A mutant spider dog prank sees this lovely dog dressed up as a spider. It’s pretty successful at scaring people, the last one is particularly good. Poor dog probably wonders why everyone keeps running away from him, he clearly just wants to be friends.

Dad Showers His Great Dane

Here we see a dad showering his Great Dane with absolutely no fuss. A lot of dogs don’t like the B.A.T.H at all and can turn it into quite the battle ending up with you and the bathroom getting wetter than him. Given the size of this dog it’s just as well he seems to enjoy it so much.

Dachshund Puppy Rings for Service

This Dachshund puppy rings for service. It’s treats all round for adorable 10 week old Maddie if she rings the bell. This video runs for 3.51 and literally she’s ringing it the entire time. I started it part way through because four minutes of “ting ting tin”g can wear thin but drag the bar back if you can take that long.