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Armadillo Playing with His Toy

Armadillo playing with his toy ‘thing’. This video is of Rollie, the southern three-banded armadillo in the New Zoo and Adventure Park in Green Ba, US. I’m not sure whether it’s the rolling around playing or the scurrying around on tippy-toes that is more amusing. It’s all very cute though.

The Cat Fun House

This cat fun house has been lovingly built by 49 year old Greg Krueger from Minnesota, US. A network of overhead walkways connect a whole set of individual rooms and hidey-holes for his feline family. It’s an ongoing project which Greg never wants to complete because he gets so much enjoyment thinking of new additions to the design.

Flexible Head Sculptures

These flexible head sculptures will at first confuse; they look like they are made out of some type of rubber or resin created in a mould, an optical illusion or your mind is playing tricks on you. It’s none of those.

The artist is Li Hongbo and the gallery is in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, Us.