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Hotel Robot Delivers Room Service

The Alotf hotel in California, US has a new member of front of house staff. Savioke the robot stands 3 feet tall and weights 100lb and will deliver your late night snack. He’ll then make his way back down stairs.

Here Dale Houghton Jr has his yoghurt delivered and check out the cute squeeks, much better than a human voice.

Rocket Launch and Re-entry from Outside Camera

Mapheus 5 rocket was successfully launched from Esrange Space Center in Sweden on June 30? 2015 and reached an altitude of 256,2 km.

Strapped to its side is a camera so you get as close as you ever are probably going to get to looking out of the window of a space rocket. Going up and coming back down with a bump.

Evolution Door

The Evolution Door from Klemens Torgglers is a reinvention of the door. I’m not entirely sure it needed reinventing but it’s very innovative and if you didn’t want a sliding door and had plenty of money (I imagine) then it wouldn’t look out of place in your fancy office.

Official site.