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Toddler Enjoys Rain for the First Time

This toddler gets to experience rain for the first time and she loves it.

More often than not parents will rush their children in to prevent them from getting wet. This little girl however has completely surrendered herself to getting wet and is enjoying every moment of feeling the rain on her face and hands as she reaches out to catch the rain drops.

Kayden + Rain from Nicole Byon on Vimeo.

First Taste of Chocolate by Cocoa Pickers

We all have easy access to chocolate so it’s unimaginable that those who farm the almighty cocoa bean have never tasted what it goes on to produce. This enlightening video follows a reporter as he visits the various people involved in getting the beans to our factories and gets them to taste chocolate.

It’s interesting to hear what they thought the beans made and what they thought their effects were.

Extreme Firework Festival

This extreme firework festival is only for the most enthusiastic fan and those wearing helmets. Any firework display that necessitates the wearing of helmets promises thrills.

About Festival

One of the most dangerous fireworks festivals in the world is held once a year at the end of the Chinese New Year in Tainan City, Taiwan. Here, thousands of bottle rockets are ignited from a “beehive” to ward off evil spirits and bring good luck to those who are in the path of the rockets.

Kids Adorable Fight

It’s JollyJapes second ‘fight’ video today but I’m using the term in the looses sense. Here’s another adorable ‘fight’. These very sweet kids attempt to settle a dispute about weather conditions. The boy will learn a valuable lesson about arguing with women and the heartache that may lie ahead for such a sensitive wee soul as his.

Female Biker Punishes Litter Lout

This female biker punishes litter louts on the streets of Russia. How many times have you seen a dirty skank just drop their fast food wrappers or drink bottles out of the car window and fumed. It’s difficult to do anything as you might get your lights punched out so you mutter under your breath and maybe pick it up and put it in the bin. Not this lady.